• The learning process is entertaining and exciting
  • The solved tasks turn into coordinates
  • The chance to follow your progress
  • Along with your schoolmates and friends, go on an adventure, searching for hideouts
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About GeoTask

The association „Vidzeme innovation instrument” in cooperation with Karld’s Uhisgumnaasium and Grammar School of Siauliu r. Meskuiciu has developed an interactive training platform for 7th – 9th graders with the aim of making the process of learning more thrilling and interesting.

The training platform of GeoTask includes the appropriate tasks of physics, chemics and maths for the 7th, 8th and 9th grade, whose creation is based on mandatory training programme for these classes within the framework of their acquired knowledge.

Why use the GeoTask in the process of learning?

  •  - the theoretical knowledge are strengthened during the resolution of tasks;
  • - the interesting and for pupils binding learning material is ensured;
  • - because of learning foreign languages during the resolution of tasks the interaction between the different subjects and the development of transversal skills is ensured,;
  • - the knowledge of information technologies is developed.

The interactive learning materials allow to achieve higher learning results, making the process of learning both effective, entertaining and exciting. The use of interactive learning materials in schools has become a routine and approved method in many European and other countries in the world. The interactive platform is available for others that are interested as well, and the authors of the project are sure, that solving the tasks will learn a lot about Latvia not only for students, but also for other interested parties. As well it’s possible to expand the knowledge and learn new things about Lithuania and Estonia, as GeoTask platform acts both in Latvia and Baltic countries.

It is possible to follow the progress of the project development on a Facebook page „GeoTask”, on Twitter „GeoTask.eu” and on Instagram”@GeoTask.eu”.

The project „Through interactive basic to additional knowledge”, that is implemented by the association „Vidzeme innovation instrument” program Erasmus+, is financed by the Europian Union.

More about the Erasmus+ program can be found in the website of the State Education Development Agency www.viaa.gov.lv in the section of Erasmus +.