• The learning process is entertaining and exciting
  • The solved tasks turn into coordinates
  • The chance to follow your progress
  • Along with your schoolmates and friends, go on an adventure, searching for hideouts
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Location: N??° ??` ??.?", E??° ??` ??.?"

To define the coordinates of this point, you have to solve the tasks, that are hidden under the question marks.

Suitable for: Grade 8th

  1. Square root
  2. Linear equalities and inequalities solution.
  3. Diameter, which is perpendicular to chord, properties.
  4. ax² + bx = 0
  5. Gas volume calculations.
  6. Irrational numbers.
  7. Rational expression.
  8. Substances with constant composition. Chemical formula.
  9. Area of a figure, measurement, main properties, same sized figures.
  10. Triangle median properties.
  11. Air composition and usage(reactions).
  12. Periodical decimal fractions.
  13. Circle, their elements. Secant.
  14. Movement characteristics.
  15. Heat process diagram.
  16. Physics language.
  17. Algebraic expression transformation.
  18. Proportions, percent
  19. Figure heights. Same sized figure areas.
  20. Transformation of algebraic expressions.
  21. Periodical decimal fractions.
  22. Viet theorem.
  23. Square root
  24. Chemical transformation signs. Chemical transformation causes and process.
  25. Circle in a triangle, centers location.
  26. Irrational numbers.
  27. Average arithmetical
  28. Substances physical properties and transformations.
  29. Polygon angle sum, convex or concaved quadrangle, polygon diagonale.
  30. Equation with unknown denominator.
  31. Transformation of algebraic expressions.
  32. Incomplete quadratic equation
  33. Substances multiplicity.
  34. Equation with unknown denominator.
  35. Neutralisation reactions and calculations.
  36. Vyeta theorem.
  37. Rational fraction expression.
  38. Parallelogram, elements. Properties and signs.
  39. Fraction addition and subtraction.
  40. Square trinomial distribution into multipliers
  41. Heat expanding.
  42. Researching basis in physics.