• The learning process is entertaining and exciting
  • The solved tasks turn into coordinates
  • The chance to follow your progress
  • Along with your schoolmates and friends, go on an adventure, searching for hideouts
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Location: N??° ??` ??.?", E??° ??` ??.?"

To define the coordinates of this point, you have to solve the tasks, that are hidden under the question marks.

Suitable for: Grade 8th

  1. Square trinomial distribution into multipliers
  2. Laboratory tableware and accessories.
  3. Tangent properties and signs.
  4. Rectangular (S = ab, a, b - edges) and area of the square (S=a^2 , a - edge) formula.
  5. ax² + c = 0
  6. Substances multiplicity.
  7. Research of movement.
  8. Substances with constant composition. Chemical formula.
  9. Viet theorem.
  10. Square trinomial distribution into multipliers
  11. Substance oxidation process and reactions.
  12. Albraic fraction.
  13. Arithmetic square root
  14. Chemical element oxidation degree. Binary compound formula and name.
  15. Reverse proportionality concept.
  16. Square trinomial splitting into multipliers
  17. Square root extraction
  18. Archimedes law.
  19. Area of a figure, measurement, main properties, same sized figures.
  20. Area of a figure, measurement, main properties, same sized figures.
  21. Equation with unknown denominator.
  22. Amount of heat.
  23. Pressure.
  24. Light spectre and colour formation.
  25. Physics language.
  26. Laboratory tableware and accessories.
  27. Squar, properties and signs.
  28. Amount of heat.
  29. Median
  30. Neutralisation reactions and calculations.
  31. Parallelogram, elements. Properties and signs.
  32. Right-angled triangle outlined circle lines center location.
  33. Substances structure.
  34. Different size units.
  35. Research of linear function.
  36. Algebraic expression transformation
  37. Optical phenomena in nature.
  38. Chemical periodic table and structure of the atom.
  39. Fraction multiplication and division.
  40. Actual numbers.
  41. Waters chemical properties and formation.
  42. ax² + c = 0