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  • The solved tasks turn into coordinates
  • The chance to follow your progress
  • Along with your schoolmates and friends, go on an adventure, searching for hideouts
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Location: N??° ??` ??.?", E??° ?` ?.???"

To define the coordinates of this point, you have to solve the tasks, that are hidden under the question marks.

Suitable for: Grade 8th

  1. Rational fraction expression.
  2. Research of movement.
  3. Circle, their elements. Secant.
  4. Waters chemical properties and formation.
  5. Average arithmetical
  6. Archimedes law.
  7. Proportions, percent
  8. Optical phenomena in nature.
  9. Triangle in a circle, outlined circle lines center location.
  10. Sounds reception.
  11. Substances physical properties and transformations.
  12. Albraic fraction.
  13. Square trinomial roots
  14. Fraction addition and subtraction.
  15. Gas volume calculations.
  16. Square root
  17. Sounds characteristics.
  18. Different size units.
  19. Gravitation, friction and deformation.
  20. Formula y = k/x
  21. Archimedes law.
  22. Acids, bases and salts chemical formulas and names.
  23. Rational fraction expression.
  24. Mass and density.
  25. Right-angled triangle outlined circle lines center location.
  26. Moda
  27. Chemical reaction equation.
  28. Substances structure.
  29. Substance oxidation process and reactions.
  30. Circumference indrawn in triangle, location of its centre.
  31. Different size units.
  32. Formula y = k/x
  33. Lighting and safety.
  34. Research of movement.
  35. Function y=√x
  36. Quadratic equation
  37. Trapeze, elements, trapeze types, trapeze properties, isosceles trapeze signs.
  38. Chemical transformation signs. Chemical transformation causes and process.
  39. Absolute and relative mistake of approximation
  40. Square root extraction
  41. Parallelogram, its elements. Parallelogram properties and signs
  42. Parallelogram, elements. Properties and signs.