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Location: N56° 30` 41.3", E20° 56` 25.8" | Website: greatamber.lv/

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In 1896, at the end of the 19th century, Liepāja council decided to start saving money forn construction of a concert hall. The project lasted for more than a century – up to 2015. It was not enough with city or state foundations to build the concert hall – a foundation from the RU was also needed, that is why the hymn of Europe could be heard during the opening concert – the Symphony No. 9 by Ludwig van Beethoven. The construction lasted two years – from 2013 to 2015.

Soon after the opening at the end of 2015, concert hall “The great amber” projected by Austrian architect Wolkner was listed between the pearls of European architecture. The concert hall which can receive up to one thousand viewers is a home for Liepāja Symphonic orchestra and Emīls Melngalvis music high school. The overall area of the eight storey building is 14.6 thousand square meters, building volume – more than 82 thousand cubic meters, but the area of the unique amber colour glass facade is 4.5 thousand square meters.

The building has an amazing, world-class acoustics and lightning, created by world-class professionals: Prof. Karlheinz Muller (Muller – BBM, Germany) and Bartenbach (Germany) led by its founder Prof. Christian Bartenbach. There are three concert halls in the building: the grand hall with 1010 viewer places, chamber hall with 200 places and experimental stage with 150 places. There is also a cafe, restaurant and enterprise premises Civita Nova. The idea of the project is a close topic for Latvia and Liepāja – amber – the building has been originally “ambered”, including music and time in itself.

The building is one of the biggest construction sites of the 21st century in Latvia, which has received recognition through several recognition awards both in Latvia and Europe. More than 160 concert and other art events and around 50 corporate events – conferences, forums, workshops, celebrations of the enterprises were held during the first year, and the popularity of the building is only growing today. The building has received a name of the most Latvian building of 2015 in a contest “The building of the year 2015”.