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AA beach

Location: N59° 26` 15.7", E27° 8` 56.15"

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

Aa is a beach which is situated 11 kilometres from Kohtla-Järve city. It is a sandy beach with occasional big rocks. Near the beach there is an Aa manor, which is one of the few remained baroque manor houses from Swedish times in Estonia. Local people believed that this manor had once belonged to a pirate. There had been an open view to the sea but thick pine forest had hidden the house from the other side. The pirates had misled ships on the rocks with the light at nights and taken the cargo. In the pine forest there were so many bears that they scared away people and even scratched out dead bodies from tombs. 

Once upon the time, there had been a secret underground tunnel between the manor house and a small harbour at Aa beach. Once the daughter of the landlord wanted to escape through the tunnel with her boyfriend who happened to be a foreign man. But the baron found out about the plan, caught her daughter and immured her alive in the underground dungeon. At autumn nights the figure of a poor maiden will be seen at the windows of the manor house.

The other story tells that once there was a a local farm hand who found the door of an old treasury as old as from the times of Livonian War in the forest. The landlord heard about it, gave a lot of money to the peasant and sent him to Germany, so he couldn't have been disturbed, and then took the treasure.

Aa village was first mentioned in 13th century in Danish census. It has been very old village because of many stone barrows and sacrificial stones nearby. Near the village there is a site of an ancient stronghold which age no one really knows, but archaeological findings prove that people have lived there already 2,000 years ago.