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Adavere Windmill

Location: N58° 43` 10.2", E25° 52` 33.1"

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

Adavere manor was first mentioned in 17th century. In the middle of 18th century the manor got a more presentable look: the French style park and wooden baroque manor house was founded. The description from 1761 say that Adavere is' a beautiful manor, fertile countries with far-reaching field with a lot of great pubs along the way. ' The manor made bricks and produced burnt lime; it had one watermill and one Dutch windmill. The windmill was probably built in 18th century. The windmill was originally surrounded by a wide stone gallery e.g. round balcony. The wings didn't hit the land, so it was safe to everybody. A miller stood on the balcony and used winch on the end of a tail pole to find the wind. The miller's house was next to the windmill. It was used to store the grain,but also for sleeping. The Republic of Estonia nationalized the windmill and gave it to Tõnis Tähnas who fought successfully in Estonian war of liberation. By 1923 the machinery and equipment of the mill was destroyed. The owner used the building as a barn. During World War II the windmill was hit by a bomb. In Soviet era, there was a sawmill and a flour mill of local collective farm in the building. In 1980's local collective farms decided to renovate the windmill. In 1986 the place was opened as a restaurant.  

Today, windmill has six floors. On the first two, there is a restaurant, on the third floor, there are swings, fourth and fifth floors exhibit photos about Estonian windmills and the sixth floor is a viewing platform.