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Location: N56° 38` 46.3", E25° 56` 51.3"

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In 1925 K.Zasse, E.Lūsis and F.Ansons obtain Shiron water mill, where together with milling and lumber sawing they start to also produce electricity which is delivered to local consumers and also to Jēkabpils and Krustpils cities. A turbine with 150 Hp, made by engineer A.Zagavskis was initially installed in the mill. Due to the successful business activity and Jēkabpils and Krustpils local government initiative during 1925 – 1935 biggest hydroelectric power plant was built from simple country mill (until Ķegums hydroelectric power plant was built) with around 1000 Hp hydro turbine and 500 Hp technical reserve power.

HPP was built 14km from Aiviekste river mouth in Daugava, where river clogging and other required construction works were done, including construction of a raft and fish road, mill work channel, power station turbine house to provide surrounding places and also Jēkabpils and Krustpils city needs for electricity. After construction of Aiviekste HPP, an inhabited place named Aiviekste was starting to form on the right coast of the river. In August, 1944 when German army retrieved, HPP instalment gets partially damaged, but the damage is abolished in September, 1944, and with sugar beet refinement season starting, electricity is being delivered to Kustpils sugar factory.

In 1969 Aiviekste HPP stops its activity, but in 1994 its activity is restored. The overall power of Aiviekste HPP is 0.8 MW, and on average it produces up to 3 GWh electricity per year, which is around 0.1% from the overall electricity obtained in Latvia. In 14th September, 1996, HPP is included in a list of European Culture heritage objects “European Cultural heritage 1920 - 1940” and European Cultural heritage flag is raised besides the HPP building.

Hydroelectric power station Aiviekste is the first hydroelectric power station in Latvia, that started to produce the electro energy, and from 1925 till 1938 was the biggest hydroelectric power station in Latvia. The total capacity of the hydroturbines installed in it was 1070 HP.

After the construction of the hydroelectric power station Aiviekste, the locality Aiviekste started to form on the right shore of the river.