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Kalnciema street tree building

Location: N56° 56` 44.8", E24° 4` 32.12" | Website: kalnciemaiela.lv/lv/kalnciema-kvartals/

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The late classicist wooden buildings, that were built in 18th and 19th century are a unique sign of Riga – they are not like anyone else in the world. The construction of the Kalnciema street is a national monument of the urban construction. There is an excellent wooden architectural heritage remained since 19th century in Riga – that has no similar in whole Europe. The ensemble shown on Kalnciema Street is just a part of wooden architecture of Pardaugava, that is an excellent example of classicism. The Kalnciema quarter is a part of the wide territory of wooden buildings of Pardaugava – the Agenskalna village, whose origins dates back to the 17th century. This ensemble has formed in relatively short time – approximately within 30 years in the end of the 19th century. In the ensemble of the Kalnciema street, between the Melnsila and the Sloka streets, there are 23 wooden buildings remained.  

As the most notable of wooden buildings in Kalnciema Street there is the Hartmann manor, that is located in the Kalnciema street 28/30. At the moment in the ensemble of the Hartmann’s manor the one floored residental building with the mansard roof and the mantel chimney is included. In the first half of the 19th century the dancing floor with a colonade in classicism style was added to the building, and the connecting building as well. A two-storey wooden residential building on 30 Kalnciema Street was built around 1786. There has been a hypothese, that the author of it’s project is architecture K.Haberland. The 28th building of the Kalnciema street was completely rebuilt in 1960. The building in Kalnciema street 30 was rebuilt as well. At the moment at the Hartman’s manor the company „Gandrs” is located, that does the restauration works as well.

It’s been built by the residents of the multinational Riga – Latvians, Germans, Jewess, Russians and Polish. In the beginning of the 20th century B. Bohert and J.Rosenthal lived here next to the shoemakers, craftsmen and the merchants. The cycling movement in the city was promoted by the wheel and the metal processing factory "Omega", that started to work in the Kalnciema street in 1935. In the years of Soviet Union the buildings were adjusted to the needs of communal apartments. During the time of renewed Latvia, at the 35th building of the Kalnciema street the gambling house was working for several years.  

In 2001 the reborn of the Kalnciema quarter was started by it’s current owners – the Damberg brothers Martins and Karlis, giving a new life to the old, decayed wooden houses and arranging the area for public events. Each year the Kalnciema quarter is visited by 100 000 interesents.  

The Kalnciems quarter has gained a special popularity with the local farmers and craftsmen market, that takes place every Saturday since 2008. At the yard of the quarter the center of Wooden architecture, the Wine shop, the cafe, the reastaurant, the art gallery and the design salon is located. The offices are run by architects, media professionals and professionals from other creative industries.