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Location: N55° 30` 28.8", E25° 6` 43.19" | Website: infoanyksciai.lt

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

The Puntukas Stone. Puntukas was considered to be the largest Lithuanian stone till 1957 when Barstyčiai stone was detected in Puokė. Puntukas weighs about 265 tons, it is 7.54 m long, 7.34 m wide and 5.7 m high (1.5 m of which is underground). The size of Puntukas is 100 cubic meters. The density of Puntukas is about 2.7 g / cm³. The maximum horizontal size is 21.39 m. The bas-reliefs of Darius and S.Girėnas, “Lituanica“ pilots, who crossed the Atlantic Ocean, and their testament words to Lithuanian nation are carved on the Puntukas stone. These bas-reliefs and the words were chiselled within 180 days in 1943 by sculptor Bronius Pundzius for the 10th anniversary of the flight. According to archaeologists, the giant boulder was left by the Scandinavian mountain glaciers, that were scrolling there 20 -14 thousand years ago.  

A legend tells us: "Once the devil was carrying a stone to demolish the church. However, a rooster crowed, the devil released Puntukas and the stone in size of a house fell to the pinewood...“ You can read about it in A.Baranauskas‘ poem "Anykščiai Pinewood". Other legends explain that Lithuanian valiant Puntukas a mighty military commander was burned on this stone. Some legendary stories suggest that Puntukas wanted to kidnap the priestess protecting the sacred fire and he even attacked the high priest ... Once there were holy oaks and the sacred altar near the stone Puntukas. Even today, descendants of the sacred oaks grow near the stone. Puntukas stands in the Anykčiai Pinewood which A.Baranauskas wrote about in his poem. You can see it from the path built up through the branches of the trees. Details: http://www.infoanyksciai.lt/lankytinos-vietos/puntuko-akmuo/

Tree canopy walkway. Anykščiai tree canopy walkway project was implemented in Anyksčiai pinewood near Puntukas stone on 7th August, 2015. The trail winds through the tops of the trees for about 300 meters. The trail goes up gradually, reaching up to 21 meters in height. Visitors have the opportunity to climb up to 36 meters in height and have a chance to view the Anykščiai Pinewood, the bights of the river Šventoji, and the plains around it. The tower is equipped with an elevator, so this spectacular entertainment is open to people with disabilities.

In addition, next to the walkway there is an information centre with an exposition that demonstrates what grows in the Anyksciai wood, what animals live. Besides, the information about nature is linked to literature. Details: http://anyksciuparkas.lt/parko-lankytojams/medziu-laju-takas

A unique labyrinth park and adventure park "Dainuvos nuotykių slėnis” (Dainuva Adventure Valley) is near the canopy walkway. More information: http://nuotykiuslenis.lt/ and http://www.nuotykiuparkai.info/parkai-utenos-apskrityje/dainuvos-nuotykiu-slenis/