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Aukštaitijos National Park

Location: N55° 19` 36.9", E26° 6` 2.998" | Website: anp.lt/

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

Highland National Park is the oldest national park in Lithuania, founded in 1974 to preserve and restore the Highland ethno-cultural area of natural and cultural peculiarities and their sustainable use. It is a land of lakes, where 126 lakes ripple.

The forests of the Highland National Park, as well as its valleys and hills are rich in ancient traces of the population, but it is not easy to "read" them. Archaeologists studying ancient settlements, burial mounds and barrows try to tell us about the prehistoric life. We can find out much from the sources. It seems the belief in the afterlife encouraged to create a reflection of the former life in the burial places. 

In order to get information how people lived, what were their daily activities and how all this is reflected in the burial traditions, you are welcome to a thematic tour „Along the barrows“. The tour starts in the centre of visitors in Palūšė. It is later continued in an archaeological exposition. Having examined it, you can go to Palūšė forest, where you are asked to make an attempt to find and count the barrows. About 4 km route runs not only along paths, but also in the forest, so make sure you go to the excursion in comfortable shoes. 

Ladakalnis is the tallest mound in the Highland National Park. It stands in Ignalina region, between Ūkojas and Linkmenas lakes. The mound has an interesting shape, it is like a rough ridge a dragon extending in both directions as far as the eyes can see. You can see a beautiful view and count as many as six lakes from this Ladakalnis called hill situated in Papiliakalnė village. There is a custom having climbed Ladakalnis leave a brought along stone uder the growing oak there. It is believed that on this mound pagans used to offer sacrifices to Lada, the goddess of life and the world. 

The price will depend on the size of the group. For groups up to 20 persons the guide price for 1 hour is 9 € in the Lithuanian language and 12 € in a foreign language. If a group consists of more than 20 people, the guide price for 1 hour is € 0.5 per person in Lithuanian and 0.6 € per person in a foreign language. Guided tours are in Lithuanian, English and Russian.

Duration of the tour is 1.5 hours.

Excursions are booked: tel. (8386) 47478; email: info@anp.lt

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