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Blankenfelde Manor

Location: N56° 20` 39.3", E23° 32` 42.1" | Website: blankenfeldesmuiza.lv/

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Blankenfelde manor main building was built in the middle of the 18th century. It is located in Jelgava district Vilce parish.

The building has demure baroque forms, and it is possible to see baroque style ceiling formations. The initial elements are extant in interior – intarsia door, parquet, classicism time wall paintings, biedermeier style fire place.

There is a closed yard in front of the main building, which surrounds economical buildings and pavilions. There are rococo style iron forged gates in the stone hedge. Behind the main building there is a wide glade with many ponds and a forest park behind them. There used to be 16 buildings in the manor, including the main building, servant house with a thoroughfare, barn, stables, tea pavilion and a park. The main yard is surrounded by a stone hedge with decorative gate. The main living premises and economical buildings were located around the main yard.

It is known that during the time of Livonian order in 1462, von Medem family received the land in Mītava county territory, and since 1495 it belonged to the territory of Livonia order land marshal. Blankenfelde manor was first mentioned during the time of Kurzeme and Zemgale duchy, when the manor owner from 1689.-1701 was Enst von Medem.  

From 1804 to1805 Louis XVIII of France spent time in the main building while being on an exile two times. King granted the manor owner von Koeningsfels with a count title for his hospitality. In 1891 manor got into property of Hahn family. After the expropriation of the manor in 1921, it was assigned to Jelgava county administration. 

At the beginning of the 19th century the main building was rebuilt in style of classicism. In 1925 a mentally ill people shelter “Saulītes” was founded here, but after the WW II there was a house for disabled persons.

Blankenfelde manor before