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Location: N56° 28` 6.53", E24° 26` 27.9" | Website: bruknaskopiena.lv/

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates


Brukna manor palace has been built on the third quarter of the 18th century, and reconstructed in the middle of the 19th century. In manor house a part of the wooden finish can still be seen today together with some window isle locks and brass door handles with acorn gabin. Wooden winding stairs still are authentic leading to the second floor of the manor.

18th-19th century manor house, two barns and granary are still preserved in the manor complex on the coast of Iecava river. Brukna castle mound is located in front of the manor. Today renovation works are happening in Brukna manor, the surrounding is being arranged and renaissance garden is being installed.

An elementary school was placed in manor house from 1916 until 1966. Reconstruction works are happening in moron house from 1927 until 1931, but in 1935 it was talked about the rebuilding of the building so that it could be adjusted to the school needs. After closing the school manor house reconstruction works are connected with many walled up door isles and construction of partition walls, so that the building could be adapted to construction of separate apartments. A stage and a room for cinema mechanic were made nearby the grand palace hall.

Today a drug addict rehabilitation centre social organisation ”Mountain blessing community” is working in the building, each year there are young adult and children Christian camps, pilgrimages, recollection, concerts and Bible hours in the palace. Nature, season changing, field works and liturgical time rhythm, players, caring for the renewal and maintenance of the 18th-19th century Brukna manor is a self purification and the opportunity to return to God. The community started its activity in 1999, but as a non-governmental organisation it has been registered in 2001, but in11th of May, 201 it repeatedly received a status of the Public good. The founder of the community and the Holy Father is the priest Andrejs Mediņš. Everyday life in the community is enriched with different organisation summer camps for teenagers and children, pilgrimages, recollections, music and dance concerts in Brukna manor, Bible and drama lessons, artist and potter school workshop and renaissance garden festivals.