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Location: N55° 31` 1.20", E21° 14` 49.2"

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

1. Views Tower in DREVERNA. The Views tower is in Dreverna village, Klaipėda region. The latest tower of metal structures on the right bank of the lagoon is the highest (15 m). The tower site contains information about the surrounding objects. The tower overlooks the lagoon national park, the dunes, and the lagoon. Around there are the outskirts of Dreverna, which is rich in protected areas. From the tower you can see the biggest Lithuanian raptorial bird, the sea eagle, which catches fish and water birds in the lagoon. The great bittern and the mute swans breed in the seaside reeds in summer. The shelduck and its little ones can be seen in more open gulf coasts in the second half of the summer. 

The observation tower Dreverna can be accessed at any time of the day, the entrance is free of charge. 

2. Dreverna. An old fishing village, first mentioned in 1253, is located in the Curonian Lagoon at the mouth of the river Dreverna. There was a large fish market for almost 300 years by the Dreverna River. Many fishermen and merchants used to come there. The name of Dreverna and its fishermen was proclaimed by the shipbuilder of the Curonian Lagoon J.Gižas. Now this venerable man rests on the hill of the legendary Dreverna cemetery. 

You can still find krikštai in Drevernos cemetery. These are crosses unique only to this region. Unfortunately, they are endangered architectural and cultural monuments of the Minor Lithuania (the western part), indicating the burial places. The cemetery was established on the hill called Barrow, because according to a legend, the giant, who had created the landscape of the district - the seacoast plain with distant dunes - was buried beneath. You can enjoy the scenery from the top of the Barrow. 

3. J.Gižas ethnographic farmstead is worth visiting if you want to find out more about shipbuilding and fishing traditions. It is also possible to rent kayaks or canoes and sail along the Dreverna river to see the historic King Vilhelm‘s channel. The homestead also offers educational programmes.

4. You can touch the magic of amber in the multi-use Dreverna community home. There are two educational programmes available: „Secrets of Amber " and "Personal fantasies“. There is also given the opportunity to purchase products from amber. 

5. Seacoast tourism cluster makes you exclusive offers. Some of them - the educational programme and a culinary cruise „Fish Road“. The duration of the programme is 4 hours. For groups up to 30 people pre-registration is required. Duration of the programme depends on your preferences.  

6. Drevernos small craft harbor is decorated with weathercocks and sculptures. It sports an ancient Curonian sailing ship "Dreverna“, built according to authentic traditions in 2014. The modern Dreverna small craft harbor is for shipping small and rowing boats. A 75-positions (260 m long) port, a boathouse (156.50 sq m), 6 tons lifting capacity crane, slipway, and a 20-space parking lot were equipped for tourist facilities. The port authorities - tel. 8 678 77789