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Location: N54° 1` 9.998", E23° 58` 19.9" | Website: unoparks.lt/one-nuotykiu-parkas/#index-3

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Druskininkai is a resort town, which is rich in mineral water with healing properties. The name of the town is associated with salt. A saltman (druskininkas) is a person engaged in salt production, sale, and delivery. Mineral salt springs spew out there a long time ago. The settlement is known for a long time. Mesolithic and Neolithic archaeological findings such as stone axes, flint ware, pottery remains have been discovered in the current Druskininkai town and its surroundings. 

Druskininkai City Museum: 59 M.K.Čiurlionis st., tel. +37031351024; muziejus@druskininkai.lt. The city museum was founded in a representative building of the 20th century, the villa "Linksma", at the beginning of the 20th century. It is a beautiful architectural monument on the shore of the lake Druskonis in the city centre.

Druskininkai is inseparable from the name of composer, artist, choir director and cultural activist Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis. The city has the memorial museum of his name. Details:http://info.druskininkai.lt/new/lt/ka-veikti/lankytinos-vietos/muziejai/item/849-m-k-%C4%8Diurlionio-memorialinis-muziejus. EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMES: “Find a fairy-tale castle” (educational occupation-puzzle for younger pupils according to M.K.Čiurlionis‘ painting "A Fairy-tale Castle") The price is 1€. Register in advance by telephone (+370 313) 51131.

A small but wonderful Druskonis lake attracts people all year round. You can bypass around the lake along the path from the city museum terrace with the “Birthday” sculpture (K.Jeroševaitė) to the exposure of folk art sculptures according to Druskonis legend themes on the other side of the lake. The "Storyteller" (A. Česnulis) is a sculpture depicting a person of that region telling a beautiful legend about Druskininkai. You can also see "Source" (T. Česnulevičius) or "Druskonis" (V. Dabrukas).

The Legend of Druskonis:

"On the other side of the Nemunas, at Jonapolis there were also many large salty sources. John Polis found all of them and walked around them. Later, he called his relative John Druskis. He came here and stayed, because soon married a rich girl who lived further from the Nemunas River, on the shore of the lake. And people called John Druskis‘ house Druskonis.

The "Love Island" (G. Akstinas) also stands on the shore of the lake.

The legend of the “Love Island”:

"Soon John Druskis and his wife had two daughters. They were very similar and people did not know which of them is one year older than the other. Once a handsome guest arrived from a foreign country. He used to meet both sister as he could not distinguish them either. Their parents were seriously concerned about the fact. They built individual houses for their daughters near their own home. The younger daughter became the sweetheart of the foreigner. Her parents were unhappy about that and forbade them to meet. The young man got angry and departed. The sisters cried because both loved him. The junior left her house and went to the Nemunas, where they first met... The girl sat down and began to weep. The wind was blowing and the forests around were singing. The girl listened to them and sang herself. The wind brought her songs to the other side of the Nemunas. A shepherd heard and loved the song. He left the cows and went to know who was singing so beautifully. He crossed the river and saw a yellow-haired, blue-eyed singer. The girl told him about her life. The shepherd felt sorry for the beautiful singer and invited her to travel together. They found a boat, boarded and began to sail. The boat stumbled the stones and tripped over in the middle of the Nemunas. The current carried them under the boat, so they stayed there forever. People say that the very nature poured them the tomb in the middle of the Nemunas similar to the boat. People began to call the zone of the ground in the middle of the Nemunas „The Island of Love“. 

When visiting Druskininkai, it is necessary to test yourself and your friends climbing between the trees in "ONE Adventure park". No age or physical fitness requirements, safe and impressive! Http://unoparks.lt/one-nuotykiu-parkas/#index-3