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Druskininkai. ONE adventure park

Location: N54° 1` 9.998", E23° 58` 19.9" | Website: unoparks.lt

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

Today Druskininkai is described as a year-round international resort offering baths, mud and climate therapies. It is said that once, many years ago, a Duke from Liškiava hunted, moved through the Nemunas and found himself in the land where the town Druskininkai is situated now. It was a very successful hunting. According to a well-established custom, if the hunting was successful, a Duke had to shoot a hawk thanking to the gods. The Duke shot it and the hawk, pierced by an arrow, fell into the Nemunas. The Duke fell into the water and submerged into the water. Everybody thought that the Duke drowned. His wife, who was standing on the bank of the river, started to cry. Shedding tears, she ran along the coast and cried for her husband. The Duke came out into the surface completely healthy, having the hawk in his hands. In places where the Duchess tears spilled, healing sources appeared. People said that after wading in Panemunė healing sources, legs’ wounds healed. The good news spread fast. In about 1790, Druskininkai was visited by Lithuanian - Polish King Stanislaw August Poniatowski who ordered his palace physician to examine Druskininkai mineral water and to find out its healing properties. After 4 years he announced Druskininkai as a healing place. Yet Druskininkai really prospered in 1835 after Vilnius University professor I.Fonbergo printed Druskininkai mineral water chemistry studies. At the end of the nineteenth century the resort was famous even behind the borders of the Russian Empire. In 2003 the magazine Newsweek published a list of ten best resorts which were worth visiting. Are you surprised why the list is related to Druskininkai? Because Druskininkai was mentioned as the best balneology resort in Europe! (Balneology is the science of simple and sea water, mineral springs, the effect of solar radiation and climate, and the use of them for therapeutic purposes. 

Let’s go to Druskininkai and visit Druskininkai Park. There, beside beautiful nature and fresh air, you will see the mineral water pump-room, sculptures. Do not forget to take water bottles and go to the Nemunas, where a source squirts out from the stone bas-relief and it is named as "A Source of Beauty." The water is very salty. It is not advisable to drink, but it is recommended to wash your face for the sake of your beauty. Not far from Druskininkai healing resort, you can drink two kinds of mineral water, "Aušra” (Dawn) and “Druskininkai” which are not very expensive just a few cents.  

You can also visit Druskininkai St. Virgin Mary Church. According to the project, in 1912-1931 the architect Stefan Schiller built the current neo-gothic church. 

Ratnyčia St. Bartholomew the Apostle Church stands in the southeastern part of Druskininkai, on the right bank of the Ratnyčia (the right affluent of the Nemunas). Druskininkai Orthodox icon of the Mother of God is a joy of all sad people and you can find it in the church. 

You can also visit Memorial Museum of Čiurlionis who was a composer, artist, choir director and cultural activist. Visiting hours: Tuesday - Sunday 11a.m.-5p.m. On Mondays and public holidays it is closed. Ticket prices: adults – 1.50 €. On Wednesdays (except in June, July, August) entrance is free. Tours in the Lithuanian language cost 8 €; in a foreign language (Russian, English) - 12 €. 

Educational programmes: From “The Sun Sonata” to “Rex“(for students of all ages); the price of the programmes is 1 €. Book in advance by phone (+370 313) 51131. 

Other places to visit: In 1971 a forester A.Valavičius founded a museum “Forest’s Echo”. Visit A.Česnulis’ sculpture and Rest Park. He is one of the best sculptors and he collected wood carvings and sculptures in his homestead for over 30 years of his work. You can visit Love Island too. 

When visiting Druskininkai, it is necessary to test yourself and friends climbing up the trees in "ONE Adventure park". There is no special age or physical requirement, it is safe and impressive! Http://unoparks.lt/one-nuotykiu-parkas/#index-3.