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Dzūkija National Park

Location: N54° 3` 39.99", E24° 24` 2.99" | Website: liskiava.lt/

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Liškiava is a miracle created by man and nature. Liškiava is a village in the southwest of Varėna district, 14 km southwest of Merkinė, on the left bank of the Nemunas. 

The length of the route is 4.5 km. The route starts from Liškiava mound and meanders past the monastery to the collection of rare and protected plants. This is one of the most famous Lithuanian land areas. From old times tourists and travellers are attracted by the beautiful baroque Church built by the Dominican monks in the 18th century. There is an exposition and a monastery in the basement of it. The adjacent mound has remains of a wooden castle (13th century) and of an unfinished brick castle (14th -15th century). On the mound there are mythological stones reminding pagan times. There is a scenic Nemunas valley. The journey along the educational path of rare plant collections is a great lesson of natural knowledge, historical and cultural heritage for a child or an adult. It is possible to visit Liškiava architectural ensemble every day except Monday, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. 

***The Legend about the origin of the name Liškiava***

"There was a big mountain on the banks of the Nemunas. Near the hill there lived an old man Keva, who was also called lisper. He could not pronounce "s", and instead of the sound he would say "sh". The old man could predict weather. He used to look at the sky three times to guess, if it rains or not, saying: 'Lish lish lish ..." (it is going to rain). Once a young man came to Keva in the evening. While they were talking, black clouds covered the sky. The lisper said, „It‘s going to rain. You can lodge with me." In fact it was raining for a long time. They talked all night long. The young man liked Keva. He was unhappy, because he had no children. The lisper advised him to catch an eagle and donate it to his wife. Fortune would come to his home then. One day the young man saw a big eagle. He was trying to catch it for a long time. The eagle got tired and landed on a high mountain, where only one big pine was growing. He released an arrow from a bow and hit the bird. The eagle fell into the water. The man dove to catch it but sank. The wife of the man went crying to look for her husband but could not find him. The old man Keva tried to calm her but she was still very sad. Once she went on a hill near her house and said to the Lisper: "I‘ll go away, I cannot stay here ..." The old man discouraged her saying: "Lish lish ..." (it‘s going to rain). The lady replied: "Lish, Keva, but I am going away ..." Those who heard this called her home Lish-Keva. Now everyone calls it Liškiava. 

For more information: http://www.liskiava.lt/