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Monument to the Estonian Mother

Location: N57° 43` 49.0", E26° 54` 37.1"

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

In the summer of 2010, the Monument to the Estonian Mother was opened in Rõuge. The sculpture is made of grey granite brought from Udmurtia. The statue is nearly 3.6 metres tall and weighs about 6 tonnes. The monument was designed by the artists/sculptors Ilme and Riho Kuld.  

The cost of the monument was approximately 110.000 euros, the half of which was collected during five years as donations from people and businesses.  

The Monument reflects people's aspiration for the brighter future and is a symbol of permanence of the nation, valuing the Estonian woman as a mother and expressing gratitude. The sight of Mother looks over the small land and its people from the edge of Haanja Uplands in South Estonia.  

Mr. Hans Sissas initiated the idea of a monument to the Estonian mother, and led the efforts to have the monument completed with the help of the Memento Võrumaa Union and Rõuge Parish Council. The names of all benefactors were recorded in the book of honour which is kept at the Museum of Võrumaa. The donations were made all over the world in more than 15 countries.