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Estonian Police Museum

Location: N59° 21` 1.92", E26° 21` 12.5" | Website: politseimuuseum.ee/en/node/11

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

Estonian Police Museum was opened in Rakvere in 2013. According to the words of the director of the museum, Andrus Eesmaa, it is not an ordinary museum but the Police's Disneyland because visitors can experience and touch everything. Visitors can test their reaction skills at the wheel of a car, try on drunk goggles, take a lie detector test, make a photo robot, test spy equipment, take fingerprints, take part in a riot, study confiscated weapons, measure speed in the street, shoot from a driving police car the back tyres of the runaway car. In the room of forensics visitors can look for fingerprints, and the eavesdropping room is guarded by modern system - laser beam system. The skilful ones have a chance to cheat the system. The museum gives an overview of the daily routine of police officers and the important fields of activity. In addition to ten thematic rooms, there is also The Children's Police Museum and lots of outdoor activities in the courtyard, where visitors can go through a dexterity trail, try sharpshooting, test a police helicopter and much more.