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Location: N56° 16` 36.9", E24° 21` 39.4"

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One of the first tasks for Latvia country after the renewal of the independence was the renewal of border control. Grenctāle – Soloči border point was the first united border control point between Latvia and Lithuania, it experienced intensive modernization during the next years, but after joining Schengen zone it is now abandoned and needless.

Grenctāle border control point as the frontier guard department was formed in summer of 1992, in structure of Bauska border-guard company of the 5. Jelgava border-guard battalion of the brigade part of the border guards of the Republic of Latvia. Internationally the placement of Latvia and Lithuania border control was established in the agreement between the both countries about the border crossing places which was signed in 9th June, 1995.

The border control position was opened in a festive event where Latvia Ministry president comrade, acting interior minister Juris Kaksītis, Border guard leader colonel Gunārs Dāboliņš, Lithuanian minister of Interior Vidmants Žiemelis, Lithuanian ministry of interior border police main commissar Androņus Beišis and other high range officers were also present.

A pretty large building complex was constructed in Grenctāle, with roof towers reminding of a castle. Grenctāle used to be called “Southern gates of Latvia.” After joining the Schengen zone in 2007 the border control point was preserved and now it has been more than ten years since it has been looking for how to use these buildings. The last requirement from the EU was fulfilled in 2004 – the whole infrastructure which used to be meant for limiting the traffic was abolished.