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Haapsalu Railway Station

Location: N58° 56` 17.0", E23° 31` 56.4" | Website: salm.ee/muuseumid/raudtee-ja-sidemuuseum/

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Haapsalu railway station is the former railway station. The terminal building was built between 1905-1907 in historicist style. It was important to have so grand station building because Haapsalu was a resort town famous for its curative mud, and therefore a favourite summer spot of Russian tzars. Tzar Nikolai II himself was in favour of the idea to build this station and supported the construction. The railway station was built according to original drawings. The complex consists of four parts: passenger terminal, imperial pavilion, a 39-metre sheltered passage linking those, and a unique covered platform that is 216 m long. There were some other buildings like a storehouse for luggage, water tower, a warehouse with a platform, houses for workers, etc.  

The construction of railway line started in 1902. The first train arrived in Haapsalu in 1904, the last one left in 1995. A broad-gauge railway (1,524 mm) connected Haapsalu with Keila and Tallinn cities. Train service stopped because the trip from Tallinn to Haapsalu lasted for three and a half hours due to bad condition of rails and trains. For comparison: the same distance by bus lasted only 1.5 hours. 
In 2004 the old railway bed was turned into Lääne County health trail, which is an unique opportunity to ride 50 km by bike from Haapsalu to Riisipere. 
In an old royal pavilion the Estonian Railway Museum was established in 1997. There is also Haapsalu Bus Station on the building.  
See also: http://www.salm.ee/muuseumid/raudtee-ja-sidemuuseum/