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Ilon Wikland's Museum

Location: N58° 56` 56.8", E23° 32` 26.4" | Website: salm.ee/muuseumid/iloni-imedemaa/

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Ilon's Wonderland is situated in Haapsalu, where Ilon Wickland spent her childhood at her grandparents' place.  

Who is Ilon Wikland?

She is an artist who illustrated books. Her most famous pictures decorate the books of Astrid Lindgren who was a well-known Swedish writer of novels for children. Sure you know these books and their pictures: ' Six Bullerby Children', 'Mio, My Mio', 'Karlsson-on-the-Roof', 'Tjorven, Batsman and Moses'. When she drew pictures to these books, she thought a lot about old castle ruins, wooden buildings and the sea in Haapsalu. Ilon was born in Tartu in 1930. She moved to her grandparents' place when she was 9. In 1944 her granny sent Ilon to Sweden to live with her aunt because of the dramatic situation in Estonia during World War II. As both, Ilon's mother and aunt were artists, she was gifted as well. She learnt how to illustrate books in Stockholm, Paris and London. She managed to visit Haapsalu again in 1989, when the political situation between Soviet Union and Western countries wasn't so strict anymore.

In 2004 the artist decided to give all the original book illustrations to the State of Estonia. The best place for an exhibition was found in Haapsalu where 2 years later the Gallery of Ilon Wikland was opened.
What is Ilon's Wonderland?

Ilon’s Wonderland is a gallery and theme centre for children and families based on the works of the world-famous illustrator of children’s books – Ilon Wikland. It was founded in 2009.

It is a house with 3 floors where is a gallery, cinema, an exhibition hall, Ilon's kitchen, and a playroom where you can also try handicraft. Here you can take a look at the room of Karlsson-on-the-roof, find characters familiar from books all over the place and enjoy a cosy and wonderful day with your family or friends.  

From May to August visitors can also take a look around the courtyard of the Wonderland – do handicraft in Mattias’s house and Handicraft Cottage, try out one’s hand at throwing games, walk with crutches, try fishing, play different jumping games, and be an actor or simply play. There is also a cafe' where you can enjoy ice cream or ice cream cocktail. You can also solve different tasks connected to the theme park, try on different costumes and draw.

See also: http://www.salm.ee/muuseumid/iloni-imedemaa/