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Location: N54° 24` 50.0", E23° 13` 30.0"

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Kalvarija Municipality is situated in the southern part of Lithuania, in the south of the border of the Republic of Poland. Kalvarija consists of the five main streets which lead to the former market square, on which the white St. Virgin Mary Church stands (17 Freedom (Laisvės) street.), built in 1840. In 1905 two towers were built and in the fourth decade ornate churchyard gate of neo-classical style with sculptures were put. A horse postal station complex, equipped at St. Petersburg-Warsaw highway in 1829, still stands in Kalvarija. The administrative building, a hostel and a tavern survived. A water mill, a few mercenary dwellings called cottar house of Kalvarija mansion survived built in the second half of the 17th century.

Synagogues. In the second half of the eighteenth century baroque or summer synagogue was built which is one of the most valuable stone synagogues in Lithuania. The building has maintained its original structure, forms, remained even Aaron Kodesh closet for storing Toroma. Eclectic, or winter synagogue was built later, its restoration is now being completed.

The monument built for Lithuanian Mother in the park of Kalvarija town. This park is on Darius and S. Girėnas street near the river Šešupė. The monument was built by Young Lithuanians (youth organization). The Soviets demolished it in occupation years. The community of the town restored the monument in the eve of the independence in 1989. 

You can visit Orija lake which is 3 km to the south of Kalvarija, Gazda stream dam, Sangrūda boulder engraved with old symbols - runes, Pieščiakalnio mountain Mergutrakio Oz which is a natural monument, the relic of ice-age accumulative relief, Salaperaugis lakes and ancient Lithuanian Gulbis camp in Gulbiniškiai village ( Kalvarija parish). It is the old Lithuanian settlement of the fourth century. A beautiful legend was created about the disappearance of the village. The legend says that the settlement sank under the ground overnight, and at that night sleeping hunters and soldiers who returned to their home areas, restored the village and founded the surrounding villages.