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Location: N54° 53` 49.9", E23° 53` 9.99" | Website: visit.kaunas.lt/en/

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The Old Town of Kaunas is small, compact, but it is possible to detect a number of original, architectural monuments of different historical periods. During the tour you will see all the major objects of the Old Town of Kaunas and find out a lot about Kaunas and Lithuanian history. 

Kaunas Castle, the Museum of the City. Kaunas Castle is the oldest stone castle in Lithuania, built in the 14th century to fend off the onslaughts of crusaders. A settlement was built up around this gothic defensive structure and later it grew into the current city. In the 16th century there was a prison in the castle and the souls of the imprisoned ones, who haven‘t got rest, haunt at night in the castle of Kaunas so far. At present, the castle is a department of Kaunas city museum and cultural events of the city are held annually in the approaches of it. The entrance ticket to Kaunas Castle Museum costs 3 Eur. 

The Town Hall of the 19th century. The oldest and the main Square of Kaunas Old Town. In the 15th century there were 9 wax melting furnaces in the Square of Kaunas Town Hall. One of them has been displayed since 2002. The Town Hall Square was a place of markets, fairs, celebrations and other events in the middle Ages. Kaunas Town Hall Square and other old town districts are connected by Museum, T. Daugirdas, Aleksotas, Customs, Vilnius, M.Valančius and A.Jakštas streets. The main dominant of the Town Hall Square is the Town Hall of Kaunas. Kaunas Town Hall Square ensemble includes: The Town Hall of Kaunas; Kaunas St. Francis Xavier (Jesuit) Church (1720) with the monastery buildings (1768); Zabiela‘s house (16th century.); Sirutis‘ Palace (18th century); the buildings of Horse Post Station (the beginning of the 19th century, architect J. Poussier) which is the Communications History Museum; Seminary Rector's Palace; Kaunas the Blessed Trinity (Seminary) Church with the Bernardine monastery. Kaunas Cathedral Basilica stands next to the Town Hall Square, near the Vilnius st. In 1977 a monument to Maironis, the Romantic poet of Lithuania, was unveiled in the Town Hall Square. In 2005 a monument to Samogitian Bishop Motiejus Valančius was unveiled near the seminary. 

Thunder House is an old, original Gothic architectural monument, built in the second part of the 15th century. It is a stone building with a decorated pediment and a spacious basement. The real purpose of the house is unknown. A legend tells about a sculpture of the god of Thunder found in the wall of the building and about priestesses who used to heat the eternal fire there, but the researchers found a numerous artefacts collection which suggests that it was the commercial headquarters and belonged to the Hanseatic merchants. Thunder House, eye-catching for passers-by for more than half a millennium, was renewed and opened its doors to visitors. It hosts theatrical tours: guests are met by the Thunder home owner, a Hanseatic merchant, B.Bitneris. He not only shows the house but also proposes an entertainment such as a medieval dance lesson. 

Kaunas Tadas Ivanauskas Zoological Museum is in 106 Laisvės Avenue, Kaunas. It was established on 15th July, 1919 on naturalist Tadas Ivanauskas' initiative. Zoological Museum has 7 sections: invertebrates (from sponges to insects), entomology (insects), ichthyology (fish), herpetology (amphibians, reptiles), ornithology (birds), mammals and the sightseeing department. There are three scientific laboratories - bio-assay, workshop of biological agents and experimental Taxidermia. Biological preparations workshop staff can prepare hunting and fishing trophies, produce stuffed animals, and install biology classrooms. The address of the museum: 106 Laisvės Avenue, LT-44253 Kaunas. Administration: 8-37 229 675 E-mail: info@zoomuziejus.lt Working hours: T.W.Th.F.Sa.Su. 11a.m. – 7p.m. Ticket office: 8-37 200292. Ticket prices: children, students 1,40 €, and adults 2,30 €. If you want to know, want to learn, want to see up close, then you are expected in Kaunas Tadas Ivanauskas Zoological Museum EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES. Educational activities must be booked in advance by tel. 8-37 205293, mob. tel. 8 680 31551, email: lina@lutute.lt   

Maximum 20 students may participate in an educational activity. An educational activity lasts for 1-1.5 hours. An educational activity costs - 17 Eur. One can not only learn the secrets of nature, but also celebrate one‘s birthday in the educational class! 

Cable railway of Kaunas. 8 Amerikos lietuvių st. and 6 Aušros st.; Tel. +37037 425882, +37037391086. Kaunas is the only city in Lithuania with this type of vehicle. Aleksotas cable railway connects the old part of the city with Aleksotas slopes, where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city. The cable railway is equipped with an observation platform.