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Vytautas the Great War Museum

Location: N54° 53` 49.9", E23° 53` 9.99"

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Kaunas has a unique geographical location on the map of Lithuania. This had an impact that the armies of foreign countries appeared in the city. That is why there are original fortification facilities different historical periods. Kaunas is the former city fortress. Since its establishment swords sounded in Kaunas. The preserved fortifications - Kaunas forts, and several times destroyed and rebuilt old Kaunas Castle remind us the ancient wars. 

Vytautas the Great War Museum and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The museum was founded in 1921. It has collected the exhibits telling about the great state of Lithuania's political, military and cultural past. Kaunas Vytautas the Great Museum building complex, a monument to "Those who Died for the Freedom of Lithuania” and the tomb of the Unknown Soldier is located at 64 K.Donelaitis St, Kaunas. 

Lithuanian Aviation Museum. There is a collection of almost 20 thousand exhibits (among them - 40 aircrafts) and the exposition area is of 4700 m2. Some large aircrafts and the fire and rescue service machines are on display in an open outdoor area of 2 hectares. The museum exposition has a symbolic S.Darius and S.Girėnas’ crypt, and A.Gustaitis’ memorial room. Video films are displayed in the museum's conference hall. Lithuanian Museum of Aviation conduct educational programmes for visitors of all ages, as well as operates two flight simulators - the aircraft cabin layouts that allow pilots to test the features virtually. 132 Veiveriai St, Kaunas; tel. (8 37) 390 357; email: aviacijos.muziejus@gmail.com ; www.lam.lt Working hours: I - VI 9 am–5 pm. Ticket prices: adults - 1,60 €; children, students, pensioners - 0,80 €. Tours price - 4,50 €. 

The 9th Fort is one of the Kaunas castle fortifications, state protected historical and architectural monument. The 9th Fort is a museum, where visitors are introduced to the interesting and distinctive Kaunas fortress defensive military architecture, weaponry and accoutrement examples of the World War I. Another part of the exhibition presents a period of Kaunas branch hard labour prison and presents the everyday life of the prisoners, restores the episodes of repression of NKVD, reveals the extent of the Nazi crimes. In the authentic chambers, the walls of which have records of the people sentenced to death, there is a large exposition equipped, revealing the tragedy of the Jewish people in Lithuania, telling about the Kaunas ghetto and the massacre. The location of the mass murder is marked by the sculptor Alfonsas Ambraziūnas’ 32 meters high monument of three sculptural groups. The museum hosts a variety of events and commemorations, visitors are provided with a tour guide service, educational activities are organized, it is possible to study the exposure via audio and video guide. It costs 5 Eur to visit the 9th Fort museum. Educational program helps to turn the pages of history of the 9th Fort – presents in detail more than a hundred years of history of the fort to the present day. It is composed of 7 different educational activities, introducing participants of all ages with all the stages of the 9th Fort history. When performing tasks the participants get familiar with the 9th fort structure, function and history, go deep into the causes and consequences of the crime made by Soviet and Nazi occupations, enrich their historical and geographical knowledge, develop management skills, teamwork skills and creativity. One lesson price for a group is 3 Eur. Maximum number of participants in one group is 25 persons. Registration: edukacija@9fortomuziejus , tel. +370 37 377750.