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The geographical center of Lithuania

Location: N55° 17` 9.99", E23° 58` 40.0" | Website: huania.com/en/travel-lithuania...-of-europe

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

The geographical centre of Lithuania is Ruoščiai village, Kėdainiai district. Lithuanian Land Institute formally established and noted the geographical centre of Lithuania (Ruoščiai village) in 1995. According to the project of architect Vytautas Kundrotas two stones, symbolizing Samogitia and Highland, have been brought. In 2009 the current sign was equipped which symbolizes the communication of country's geographical centre with space. There is also a table with the carved coordinates of the country's geographical centre. Next to it there is a park with green oaks, wooden sculptures and carvings.

You can get acquainted with the closest villages on the route: Ruoščiai - Dotnuva - Akademija - Krakės - Skinderiškis - Pilsupis mound - Angiriai – Josvainiai- Kėdainiai.