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Kernavė recreational turistic path

Location: N54° 53` 9.60", E24° 50` 49.2" | Website: /valstybiniaimiskai.lt/lt/Rekr...takas.aspx

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

Kernavė tourist-recreational path "Come, a man, I‘ll cuddle you by silence“ is 2600 m in length. It begins on the White hill and runs through the scenic woods, along the old barrows of the 10-11th century. Along the way there are equipped resorts, attractive places for respite. Information boards and links help to orient in the path.

1. The White Hill. It is the name of the forest resort on the outskirts of Kernavė by the Neris River. Since there is no indication of the White Hill, you have to go along the street Vilnius in Kernavė, which goes into the street of Traidenis, and turn left at the crossroad. After turning go along the main road, Pajauta street, until the asphalt ends. There you can see an obscure reference "The White Hill". Having driven a couple of hundred meters you will reach a parking place. The trail starts on the right bank of the Neris River at the White Hill, with a magnificent view of the sharp bend of the Neris River. It is argued that it was the place where Kernavė, Lithuanian capital at that time, was first mentioned in 1279. It is equipped with a viewing platform with an information board. The trail starts from the viewpoint and meanders along the river falling down slightly. The Neris’ water shines through the branches of the trees.

 2. Having walked a few hundred meters we find foresters’ campsite equipped with arbours and outdoor furniture. Here children can swing and climb, adults can organize a picnic or just enjoy nature's lap. The slope of the Neris is rather steep so the access to the water is quite complicated.

3. The trail makes a sharp angle to the river and begins to go deep into the forest of Kernavė. It is said that this is not a forest but the forest park. It is dominated by pine trees, but you can see spruce among them. And this is a great merit of foresters, because spruce in a pine forest is a rarity. We can also find oaks, although the soil here is sandy. The first part of the trail to Lielpės stream meanders between the trees going down to a dip or ascending up again. The steepest slopes are equipped with wooden stairs and rails. The trail is quite densely placed with wooden benches, carved timber animal sculptures and riddles.

4. The Lielpė creek empties into the forest pond. It offers a respite area with an arbour, and the pond is surrounded by a wooden track with handrails. There you can see the sculpture "A Bearer of Water" by sculptor Zinkevičiaus.

5. Walking along the hills we pass the barrows. These are the graves of the dead, most local residents and soldiers, burnt in the 11-12th century. It is said that the soldiers were burnt with their horses which were buried in the nearby barrows.

6. Later we come to the board of riddles, which develop various tasks.

7. Once again we move to Lielpė stream and climb the stairs, we see more light, as we come to the river and the equipped campsite. This is the initial and the final point of the tourist - recreational trail.