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Location: N58° 54` 52.9", E23° 29` 4.99"

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

Kiltsi airfield near Haapsalu is now an abandoned area, but in the Soviet times it belonged to the 425th Fighter Aviation Regiment. The establishing of the airfield started already in 1939 after the Pact of Mutual Assistance was signed by Estonia and the Soviet Union. According to the pact, 25,000 men of Soviet army, navy and air force were installed in Estonia. The Soviet air force used the airfield until 1956. Then, after renovation, the fighter aviation regiment was moved from Lasnamäe, one of the suburbs in Tallinn, to Kiltsi, because the construction works of new residential area in Lasnamäe started.

The regiment used MIG-19 fighters until 1977. After that they got new planes, MIG -23. There were 38 MIG-23 fighters in Kiltsi until the Soviet army left Estonia and Estonia became independent again. The area of this airfield is about 800 hectares. The concrete runways are 2.5 km long. There were 28 hangars built for the planes. Although the airfield is owned by the Estonian Defence League, the hangars, runways and barracks are in very bad condition.

Every year several drag-racing and drifting competitions, also gatherings of car and motorcycle clubs take place there.