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Location: N55° 24` 57.4", E21° 15` 43.1" | Website: kintai.lt/kontaktai/

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

The Nemunas delta Regional Park in terms of ethnographic heritage is unique. It is unique as natural beauty, cultural heritage and very beautiful locations lie there. The town includes historical, ethnic and ethnographic heritage. The park area involves a part of the Minor Lithuania, which reflects different traditional lifestyles characteristics of various spheres of the town. 

Kintai is a resort town near the Curonian Lagoon. Kintai is surrounded by a wonderful pine forest (600 ha) named Kintai forest. The town church was built in 1705. The church was transferred from Ventė Cape to Kintai. The churche’s baroque style altar was decorated with cut boards by local craftsmen. Creatively cut wind boards traditionally decorated each fisherman's house. Their silhouettes were permanent on tombstones, fishing ship weathercocks. Near the town Kintai a fishing inspector Wilhelm Bėrbomas lived, who was a merchant of English origin. In 1844 he started marking the Curonian Lagoon fishing boats on weathercocks. Such decorative and unique weathercocks could not be found anywhere else but in Europe. Kintai - Vente coast has become a favourite place for artists to paint landscapes. 

Kintai Vydūnas Cultural Centre and Memorial Museum is equipped in Kintai former school. It was built in 1705. In 1994 it was renewed. In 1888 and 1892 a teacher, a famous Lithuanian philosopher and a writer William Storosta – Vydūnas worked there. In 1998 Kintai Vydūnas cultural centre was established. 

Artists’ residence with metal art workshops, creative rooms and lounges for arrived artists are equipped in the reconstructed farm centre of the cultural centre which has a unique architectural design. 

Kintai Vydūnas Cultural Centre organizes tours to Kintai suburbs, tourists can also visit Vydūnas museum, enamel Gallery works too (educational activities for individuals and groups). Everyone can get more information at the address: 22 Kuršiai Street, Kintai, Šilutė district. Contact: +370 441 47379 http://www.vydunocentras.lt/

The Great Kintai Church. Kintai church was built or brought there, as the residents of Kintai say, in 1705, after the church, reminding the Crusader times, collapsed in Ventė. The church is typical of the beginning of the 18th century. The architecture of the building belongs to Eastern Prussia and it sustains the form of German Order of Gothic style and the historic church tower. Thus Kintai became the parish centre. Currently, concerts and exhibitions are held in Kintai. 

Kintai Woodward "The Great Thuja". 

The largest Lithuanian Thuja grows in Kintai by the Woodward building. Its height is about 18 meters; the crown’s width is about 12 meters. A larger thuja than that one is only known in Switzerland. It is hard to say the age of Kintai Great Thuja because the tree has a double-stem and it is impossible to tell the age according to the rings of the stem. It is known that the Woodward building was being built in 1902 - 1912 it is predicted that the Great Thuja was planted at that time.