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Location: N55° 42` 39.9", E21° 7` 50.00" | Website: klaipedainfo.lt/

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

Klaipeda is a port, and the third largest city in Lithuania, at the spot of the confluence of the Curonian Lagoon and the Baltic Sea, in the seaside lowlands at the mouth of the river Danė. Klaipėda was called Memel by Germans. It is the capital of the Minor Lithuania. The Minor Lithuania or Prussian Lithuania is the region including the north-eastern part of the province of Prussia, where Lithuanians lived. Nowadays The Minor Lithuania is called just Klaipeda region, which is one of the five current Lithuanian ethno-cultural regions. 

A distinctive Lithuanian culture in the Minor Lithuania formed on the influence of the Protestant Church and the Prussian state. This region was major for Lithuanian culture because the first printed book in the Lithuanian language, the first Lithuanian Bible, the first Lithuanian grammar, the first newspapers in the Lithuanian language were there.

 The Castle Museum, History Museum of the Minor Lithuania. It was opened on 1 August, 2002. Each year on 1st August attractive events take place in the castle to commemorate the city's founding in 1252. The museum is located in Frederick‘s and Karl‘s chambers located under the bastions. The excavated remains of the castle and its foundations are available for visitors. You can walk along the oldest roadway in Klaipeda, paved in 16th century, in the castle museum. 4 Pilies st, 91240 Klaipėda, Phone (8 46)410527, website: www.mlimuziejus.lt, email: info@mlimuziejus.lt, the working hours Tu.-Sat. 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Old Ferry Crossing (Northern Cape, 1 Danė st., Klaipeda) is only available to passengers and cyclists. Vehicles should go to the new Terminal (8 Nemunas st, Klaipėda). When there is a large flow of passengers and vehicles, there are additional ferries. Information all day - tel. +370 46 311117, +370 698 54050.  

Having moved to the Curonian Spit, you can see the following places:
1. Lithuanian Sea Museum and Dolphinarium.
2. The complex of ethnographic seaside fisherman's homestead.
3. The exposure of old ships.
4. Pig Back Island.