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Kudirkos Naumiestis

Location: N54° 46` 29.9", E22° 52` 0.00"

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Kudirkos Naumiestis was called the lost city. During the World War II, this area was almost completely destroyed. The city, located at the confluence of the Šešupė and the Širvinta, was called Wladislawowo (in honour to the ruler Vladislav Vasa) before the First World War, then it was called Naumiestis, and since 1934 it was named Kudirkos Naumiestis because Vincas Kudirka, a famous Lithuanian national revival character in the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, lived and worked there. He was Lithuanian physician, novelist, poet, writer, critic, translator, the editor of the newspaper "Varpas" (The Bell), one of the ideologues of the Lithuanian national movement, and the author of Lithuanian anthem. 

The name Kudirkos Naumiestis perpetuates the life of the doctor, writer and the herald of national revival in the tsarist era Vincas Kudirka in this town, so called since 1934 when monument to Vincas Kudirka (sculptor Vincas Grybas) was built in the central square of the city. Dr. Vincas Kudirka Museum is in V.Kudirka St. It was founded in 1960. Over the years the value of the museum and the exhibits increased. It was decided to set up a new fund for the construction of the museum, and a new museum building opened its doors on 5 December, 1998 as a branch of the Lithuanian National Museum. By the way, the museum stands on the site where once stood the house, where the herald of national revival spent his last days of his life. The period of National liberation determined the themes of the exposure of the museum: local history and the “bell-ringers” (according to the newspaper “The Bell”). Part of the exposition is dedicated to Naumiestis and its surrounding history, as well as to the enlightened people originating from the region. The second part of the exhibition is dedicated to the “bell-ringers” and the most eminent of them - Vincas Kudirka. 

Dr. Vincas Kudirka, and other famous people of this region are buried in the cemetery of Kudirkos Naumiestis.
In Kudirkos Naumiestis you can also visit on behalf of the Invention of St. Cross consecrated two towers brick church, which was launched in 1781 and completed just in 1870, the chapel, the homestead of a self-taught artist Pranas Sederevičius, Irena and Antanas Spranaičiai’ museum “Širvinta Corner”, the civil Orthodox cemetery and church, the bridges over the Šešupė and the Širvinta.