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Kukka Boulder

Location: N58° 59` 12.0", E22° 51` 38.9" | Website: https://visitestonia.com/en/kukka-boulder

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

Kukka boulder is the biggest boulder in Hiiumaa and the 5th largest in Estonia. In common usage, a stone is called a boulder when it is too large for a person to move. Kukka boulder is an erratic stone. Erratics are boulders picked up by the ice sheet during its advance and left behind during its melting. This stone has travelled here from Aland during the last Ice Age. Its rock type is granite. The circumference of the boulder is 42 metres, the height is 3.1 metres. The stone is big enough to park a tour coach there. It is not known how big part of the stone is under the ground. The boulder has been protected by law since year 1937 and in 2001 the nature protected area was established. The wooded meadow near the boulder is covered by the white carpet of wood anemones every spring, which is really a romantic picture to see.