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Kurtna Motorcycle museum

Location: N59° 13` 37.4", E24° 42` 48.6" | Website: teearu.ee/

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In one of the buildings which belonged to 18th -century Kurtna Manor, since 2002 a motorcycle museum is opened. It has the biggest collection of old motorcycles in private hands in the Baltic States. The collection belongs to Mr. Urmas Teearu.  

He started collecting and repairing motorbikes in 1978. He has got over 200 motorcycles, more than 100 of which, in various states of repair, are on display. The museum includes such world-famous names as BMW, Harley-Davidson, Indian, AJS, Jawa. The Soviet motorcycle industry is represented by IŽ, TIZ, PMZ, Krasny Oktyabr, Moskva, Kavrovets, Tuula, and Estonian-made Vihur rally bikes.
In addition, there are some motorcycle engines, tyres, saddles, old oil cans, helmets, posters, repairing tools, traffic signs, etc. on display. You can also see the racers' protective gear and some prizes won, and read some magazines about old racing bikes and other motorcycles.

The most special items in the collection are a belt-drive motorcycle Watt, which was especially produced in Germany in 1912 to be sold in Czarist Russia; and a racing bike S-360 with two-cylinder DOHC engine produced in 1960 near Moscow.
See also: http://www.teearu.ee/