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Location: N55° 49` 51.6", E23° 3` 2.547"

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Kurtuvėnai is located in the southwest of Šiauliai district, near the road Bubiai-Ramučiai, 20 km from Šiauliai. The name of the town is probably derived from the name of the lake Kurtuva. The town is located in East Samogitian plateau in the northern part of Kurtuvėnai hills. Next to it there is Kurtuvėnai village, the Venta - Dubysa Canal dug in 1825-1831, Girnikai mound, and Kurtuva Lake. Around the town there are lots of fish ponds (about 100), including the largest - Dambos. A Landscape Reserve was founded near the town Kurtuvėnai. 

Kurtuvėnai is structured in a linear plan with the central market square, St. Apostle Jacob's Church stands in the west of it, the remained Kurtuvėnai manor buildings, a park and a pub are in the East. There is also Kurtuvėnai Regional Park, a post office, an elementary school.

Kurtuvėnai manor is one of the oldest ones in Lithuania, mentioned in historical sources since 1495. Famous Lithuanian noble families hosted here for centuries, Kurtuvėnai was the economic and cultural centre of the region. Today it is an attractive place for those who love active holidays. Authentically restored manor complex includes a park with ponds, stud farm stables, cottar house, gardener's house, a blacksmith and so on. The complex is complemented by a Kurtuvėnai mound, St. Apostle Jacob's Church built of brick in the 18th century and other ancient buildings. The most valuable building was a unique Baroque wooden barn of the 18th century. Unfortunately it was on fire and after it the building was restored. The manor garden operates the camping “Kurtuvėnai“, equipped with volleyball, croquet, and children's playgrounds. 

To access more knowledge about the manor there is 1 km educational trail equipped with information stands. Walking along the trail you will visit more than 20 estate and nearby points of interest: the park, ponds, buildings, mounds, the church, entertainment, recreation and view sites. 2 Parko st., Kurtuvėnai, LT-80223 Šiauliai district. +370 41 370 333, +370 618 29964, info@kurtuva.lt  

The animate horse museum. Kurtuvėnai Manor stud farm works not only in summer but also in winter. Therefore, you can impress your friends all year. 

Kurtuvėnai Regional Park visitor center provides information about Kurtuvėnai regional park attractions, recreation opportunities. 

Kurtuvėnai St. Jacob’s the Apostle Church towers are seen from far away since 1792 when a decade taking sanctuary construction was completed. The white towers of late Baroque style church reach the height of 50 meters.

An authentic pub "Kryžkelė” (A Crossroad) is located next to Kurtuvėnai mansion. You can savour traditional Lithuanian dishes there. The branded dish of the pub is pork ham matured in beer with cabbage, jacket potatoes and a kind of butter. Residents tell that such ham was served to the same counts Nagurskiai. Pub‘s hostess will serve and present this dish adorned with traditional clothes. To taste the ham, you have to book in advance. Kurtuvėnai town is inseparable from the fish ponds where carps are grown. Therefore, you can taste the traditional "Valčikes“- rolls with carp meat.