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Karosta Prison

Location: N56° 32` 46.8", E21° 1` 7.768" | Website: karostascietums.lv/

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Liepāja naval port prison is the most popular part of Liepāja stronghold. At the beginning of the 20th century Liepāja was one of the most important ports of Russian Empire, for which indurations funds were not spared. Liepāja naval port history started during the time of tsarist Russia, when after the order from Emperor Alexander III from 1890 to 1906 new sea naval fleet base was built with a significant solution system all around Liepāja – a real stronghold with fort system, indurate ramparts, protective channels, cannon batteries and underground passages.

There was a wide was fleet base in Liepāja making city into a military cot, whose indispensable part is also the punishment place. Liepāja naval port garrison prison was built at the beginning of the 20th century. The building initially was meant for the needs of naval port hospital, but it has never been used as one. Since its construction completion it has served as fleet sailor and non-commissioned officer short-term disciplinary punishment place and it provided its service for a whole century.

In 1905 the punishment was already received by garrison sailors who were participating in revolution events of 1905. There were around 4500 rebels who were participating in the rebellion. After the rebellion was stopped, the loudest, meanest and biggest problem makers were arrested – 137 persons. Together there are 37 wards in naval port prison, and of course there are also premises for guards and the governor. The building made for hospital needs, which was later remade as a prison was not provided with wider hygiene premises. Just as before there are two toilets with holes in the floor, and two washing places with troughs instead of normal sinks.

 The place in front of the prison has become warrior’s cemetery for many prisoners who were shot neat the prison fence. During all times the building has served as guardhouse prison – both for Soviet army and Navy forces of Latvian army. The last prisoners have left their marks on the ward walls not so far ago – in 1997.

Today there is a museum made in the prison where it is possible to receive entertainment with historical feeling, and it is the only military prison in Europe, open for tourists which has been included in different Europe tour guides as one of the weirdest places where it is possible to spend a night.