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Location: N57° 44` 20.0", E27° 25` 22.0"

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

Meremäe hill is a 204-metre-high hill in the eastern part of the Haanja uplands. There is a wooden viewing tower since 2008 atop of the hill where visitors can get an amazing view to the neighbourhood. The four-storey viewing platform is 234.5 metres above sea level. In clear weather, a large part of Setomaa, the church domes of Petseri Monastery and Lake Pihkva can be seen. Only 15 people can be up in the tower together.  

There are the song stage and grounds at the foot of the tower where Midsummer Eve celebrations and other events are thrown every year. The stage provides places to 50 performers and there are seats for 160 people.  

Russia is situated only 2 km from the viewing tower, but it is not reasonable to approach the border, because it is forbidden to stay on the borderland. You may have problems with both Estonian and Russian border guards.