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Location: N56° 1` 19.19", E23° 30` 50.3"

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Naisiai is a settlement in the east of Šiauliai district. Up to 1795 it was held by the Treasury of the country, it was a mansion of Šiauliai economy. Russian Empress Catherine II gave Naisiai along with the entire economy of Šiauliai to count Platon Zubov. After the First World War the estate belonged to Alexandra Zubovaitei Fledžinskienė. Today there are four former manor buildings survived, one of them is the former manor house. 

Today Naisiai is a place of the Baltic gods, nesting boxes, Šiauliai region literature museums, Žemaitukai (Samogitian horses) stud farm, one of Europe's largest paintball centre. Such museums as the Baltic herbage, Naisiai Local History, and the Folk Art of Northern Lithuania are being created. There is direct webcast from the stork nest, Sun Square, Naisiai “Summer Theatre” performances and concerts. To get a free guide services pre-registration is required. Naisiai museum admission is free. Register at least 5 days prior to the desired day of sightseeing. Telephone number for inquiries and registration 861133333, email ekskursijos@naisiuvasara.lt  

The Balts Arena is a structure in its size equivalent to the Roman Colosseum (actually it is a Mound). 

The Baltic gods Museum. In Naisiai you will find the only Lithuania Baltic gods museum located almost in the whole territory of the village. The museum is decorated with the Sun and the Fire Square, Alka hill, more than 50 large oak sculptures of gods. 

Nesting-box Museum is a unique in the country nesting open-air museum, which was established in cooperation with the Lithuanian Ornithological Society. The museum presents more than a hundred nesting-boxes. Visitors will find out what birds can live in them in the information boards, while in the spring - autumn period they can also enjoy living birds. 

Šiauliai Region Literature Museum in Naisiai counts 37 years. It is established in the former mansion house of count Platon Zubov. The Award of poet Zigmas Gaidamavičius - Gėlė is provided here for the best first book of poetry since 1977. Each winner plants a tree in the Poets’ park: men plant oaks, and women plant limes. 

The Museum of Baltic Herbage. It is a museum of the gene pool of the Baltic herbs. The flower beds are formed in the form of a distaff. The museum consists of three parts, there are sacred, household and cultural varieties planted. In the sacred part we find a growing poppy, cornflower, wormwood, field horsetail, Viola tricolour and others. The household part (herbs and spices) has thriving wild strawberries, cinquefoil, stonecrop, milfoil and others. In the cultural part there boast lilies, peonies, dahlias, violet, iris. The plants are provide by Šiauliai University Botanical Garden. 

Naisiai Local History Museum is located in four exhibition halls: Gendvilas‘, “Naisiai Summer” theatre and “Naisiai Summer” series, the history of Naisiai land, and Naisiai museums and events.  

Naisiai Summer is the first non-profit theatre in Lithuania where performances can be seen for free. 

Žemaitukai (Samogitian horses) stud farm. Its visitors can access not only to their history, but also communicate with these horses of distinctive temperament. The main function of the stud farm is breeding, because these horses are on the verge of extinction. The horses are supervised and trained in the stud farm. In 2012 the horses of Ramūnas Karbauskis’ Žemaitukai stud won the national cup. The stables also provide equestrian services: half of the outdoor riding hall circle is 1 Eur. Full field riding hall circle is 2 Eur. 30 min. one-time riding costs 6 Eur, 1 hour - 12 Eur. A subscription for children for 12 times costs 18 Eur. A written parent (guardian) approval is needed for persons up to 18 years. In order to take advantage of the services provided, pre-registration is required tel. +37060652534 or +370 675 55935.  

Naisiai paintball centre is one of the largest in Lithuania. The game field has various forms of handicaps, and is fenced with 2.5 m high fence. Total area is 5500 m2 with three floors of the building. The total area of the building is 924 m2 with obstacles, there are 70 rooms. A variety of game scenarios is offered, such as the flag kidnapping, the assault on the building, battle field between the obstacles. Judges will monitor your security throughout the game. 

Reball game. Naisiai paintball centre has opened a new playground in Naisiai Sports Hall. Reball is a sports game with paintball rubber balls. A ball costs only 5 cents. Pre-registration is required. The smallest group should consist of 8 persons. There cannot be more than 50 players. The address: 40 Vaikų st., Naisiai, Šiauliai district.