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Narva Castle

Location: N59° 22` 31.8", E28° 12` 6.80"

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More than 700-year-old Narva Hermann Castle has belonged to Danes, Germans, Swedes and Russians through centuries, and finally to Estonians. The castle was built in the 13th century by the Danes. It was established as the residence of the Danish King's Vice-Regent, right at the eastern border of Danish property. The place was important strategically and was a checkpoint of trade with Russia. At the beginning it was just a simple wooden castellum-type stronghold. In 1345 Narva became the easternmost town in Europe having town privileges under the Luebeck Law but they couldn't enjoy the terms because Danish rule ended unexpectedly in North Estonia because of St. George's Night Uprising. King Valdemar IV of Denmark sold Estonia to Teutonic Order which sold it a bit later to Livonian Order. The castle's appearance as we know it today originates from the 14th - 16th century, the rule of Livonian Order. During the Livonian War, Ivan IV the Terrible of Russia invaded Narva and the King of Sweden fought it back. After the Great Northern War the castle remained in ruins. It changed in the 19th century when Nicholas I of Russia gave 5,000 silver roubles annually to restore the castle. The Narva castle was badly damaged in the World War II and it was mostly restored in 1970 -1980s, the restoration works still continue.  

The Narva Castle is the most diverse and best preserved defence structure in Estonia. The area of the castle is 3.2 hectares, and the highest point is the Tall Hermann Tower. Today there is a museum in the castle where the history of Narva is introduced. Every autumn Museum festival is organised in Narva when the best of the Estonian museums' temporary exhibitions are on display until the end of a year.  

A beautiful view of Narva city and Ivangorod fortress on the Russian side can be admired from 51 metre high Tall Hermann tower. Each summer the artisan history centre Northern Yard comes to life in the castle’s northern yard. Western yard is a suitable area for big open-air events and a popular place for spending free time and just chilling.