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Location: N55° 33` 20.0", E21° 7` 0.001"

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

The Curonian Spit is a peninsula with sand dunes separating the lagoon from the Baltic Sea. The Curonian Spit National Park Visitor Centre is situated in the ethnographic part of Nida. There you will be given detailed information about the Curonian Spit, natural and cultural values, points of interest, events, tourism and other services available. Working hours: 1st April - 30th September Tuesday - Saturday 9 a.m.-12.00 and 1p.m. - 6p.m.; 1st October - 31 March Monday to Friday 8a.m. -12:00 and 1p.m. - 5 p.m. Address: 8 Nagliai st., Nida. 

One of the most famous sights in Nida is sundial located on the dune of Parnidis. Parnidis sand dune, shifted by the harsh winds, is exposed above the sea level as much as 52 meters. The observation deck, equipped on the top of the dune, overlooks a wide panorama of Nida town district: the 130-year-old lighthouse showing the way to fishermen, the widest place of the Spit – Bulvikis Cape, silhouettes of Nida houses covered with red tiles, the decorative lagoon. In good weather Vente Cape Peninsula can be seen on the other side of the lagoon from the Parnidis dune and if a fog surrounds the images disappear behind a secret screen. 

The interpretation of Parnidis dune name is interesting - the local people believe that the name comes from the phrase "having passed Nida“, because the wind-blown dune passed through the village of Nida several times. Indeed, shifting dunes are especially sensitive to public access. Scientists estimate that every person walking on steep slopes of the dunes, enliven several tons of sand, so travellers are allowed to climb only on specially designated paths. 

Bulvikis Cape is the widest peninsula on the Curonian Spit, a place reaching 3.8 km. Before planting the big dunes, Bulvikis Cape was growing quickly. In 1837-1910 it annually extended by an average of 7 meters. It is currently undergoing a reverse process - the cape is being washed by the currents of the bay, it continues to decline. 

A great coastal lagoon panorama opens from Bulvikis Cape and the Gulf, Vente Cape is also seen. In good visibility, the other side of the Curonian Lagoon seems reachable by hand, but this impression is deceptive: the width of the bay between the Bulvikis Cape and Vente Cape is more than 8 km and the depth is 3 m. In Nida you can also visit the Thomas Mann Cultural Centre, Museum. It is established in the summer house of a German writer and Nobel Prize winner Thomas Mann. He and his family spent summers there in 1930 -1932. He wrote his novel "Joseph and his brothers" in the house. Address: 17 Skruzdynės st., LT-93123, Nida Tel./fax .: (8 469) 52 260 email: mann@mann.lt , www.mann.lt ; Neringa History Museum exhibits present the trades of the people in the Curonian Spit, fishing gear, boat models, smelt fishing and crow hunting, as well as the finds of Nida Neolithic settlement, the history of Nida post office. Address: 53 Pomeranian st, LT-93124, Nida Tel.: (8 469) 51162; Tel./fax .: (8 469) 52372, email: neringosistmuz@zebra.lt ; Fisherman's Ethnographic homestead which is equipped as fisherman's homestead of the end of the 19th century - the beginning of the 20th century. Address: 4 Nagliai st., LT - 93123, Nida, Tel./fax .: (8 469) 52372, email: neringosistmuz@zebra.lt; Amber Museum – Gallery was founded in 1993 in an old fisherman's cottage. In this museum you will hear the story of the Baltic amber, its formation, morphology, colour, extraction, application in medicine and will be able to see the amazing collection of inclusions. Address: 20 Pamario st., LT-5872 Palanga, Tel./fax. (8 469) 52573, 52141; tel. +37061004280.