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Location: N55° 33` 20.0", E21° 7` 0.001"

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

The Curonian Spit is a Peninsula with sand dunes separating the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea. The northern half of the Spit belongs to the Republic of Lithuania (northern periphery - Klaipeda city, and the rest – Neringa town municipalities).

Juodkrantė is one of the oldest settlements in the spit, already mentioned in 1429 in the letters of the Teutonic Order. The old Nida was standing a few kilometres to the north, closer to the sea. Deforestation and the moving dunes forced the residents to move closer to the lagoon.

Looking at Juodkrantė old forest from a distance in the bay, it seemed as a black coast among the white dunes. It explains the origin of the name Juodkrantė (black coast). In 1509 Juodkrantė was given the privilege of fishing. In 1650 an inn was established. In 1795 a wooden church, and in 1885 the current red-brick church was built. Tourists are mostly interested in Juodkrantė Hill of Witches.

The exhibition of wooden sculpture on the Witches’ Hill. St. John’s Day has been celebrated on the 42-metre-heigh Witches’ Hill from ancient times. According to a legend all witches from the Baltic Sea coast used to fly there.

During the summers in 1979 - 1981 Lithuanian folk artists, wood carvers came to Juodkrantė and created more than 70 sculptures. The sculptures gained "Hill of Witches" name in the Spit residents and visitors. You can recognize Lithuanian folk tales and legends of the heroes in the wooden carvings. The exhibition is especially rich in witches and devils. The foot of the Mount is equipped with swings and climbing facilities for the joy of the young visitors.

Juodkrantė popular places: Juodkrantė Church, weathervanes Gallery, Stone Sculpture Park by the waterfront, Dendrological trail, Amber Bay, herons’ and cormorants’ colony near Juodkrantė.