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Location: N56° 42` 45.0", E25° 41` 9.02" | Website: odzienasmuiza.lv/

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Odziena palace is one of the most significant romanticized medieval castle and neo-gothic style monument in Baltic States. Odziena manor economic complex was impressive – there used to be more than 30 different buildings in its territory. Today only three buildings have been reconstructed – the old pub, tool barn and brewery.

Todays’ manor palace building was built in the middle of the 19th century during the time of Rudolph Friedrich Adrian von Brimmer in style of neo-gothic. Analogues of the manor have been built also in Germany and Poland – Kitendorph castle in Germany (1860-ies) or Bedlewo palace in Poland (2nd half of the 19th century). The calm everyday life was stopped by revolution in 1905 and its echo in Odziena, Vietalva and Sausnēja when premises of these manors were burned down. Odziena castle was burned down on 28th November, 1905. Examination protocols are showing that the incendiary came from Sausnēja manor. Documents about this day events in Odziena show that the manor owners had gone to Riga on 20th of November. When the armed rebels came into castle, they allowed the servants to take out their things, later knocked out house window glasses while looking for money and weapons and the safe, and later the castle was put on fire.

Reconstruction works were started after the end of 1905 revolution. Burned brewery was renewed until the WW I which unfortunately is burned down for the second time during the war and it had to be renewed once more. After the war the manor owners (German von Brimmer family) started castle reconstruction works, but they were stopped by WW I, but after the war it was alienated because of the newly accepted Latvia country manor agrarian reform.

During the 30-ies of the 20th century apartments are being formed in one part of the palace, but on the other part – event premises, but half of the building unfortunately was not fully constructed, so it started to perish. This so luxurious palace today has become a shack. Fortunately today manor construction works have been started, therefore not allowing the unique building to perish.