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Pakruojis manor

Location: N55° 58` 50.0", E23° 51` 29.9" | Website: pakruojo-dvaras.lt/

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Pakruojis mansion is located 2 km. from Pakruojis, on the right bank of the Kruoja River. It was first mentioned in written sources in 1531. Pakruojis Manor is an architectural example of the late classicism (the only one in Pakruojis region), the largest surviving complex (ensemble) of 26 manor buildings in Lithuania. The oldest buildings of the estate are the pub and the spirits and beer brewery. Most of the estate buildings are of the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century. Most of them were built by the owners of the manor von Ropai. 48.2 hectares covering Manor has 43 buildings, surrounded by a fence built up in 1840 and more than 150-year-old park, where about 26 kinds of trees grow. The most valuable buildings of the ensemble are the main building with a portico in the centre of the ensemble and an example of a Roman aqueduct rarely encountered in Europe, a dolomite arch bridge-dam built in 1821 (refurbished in 2001). 

Pakruojis Manor is the largest manor in Lithuania living its life of the 19th century and giving a warm welcome to its guests. You are invited to visit the living museum every weekend, where can get an introduction to the history of the estate, enjoy yourselves or learn something at the forge, perfumer’s laboratory or the brewery. You can feast at the mansion restaurant, enjoy the spa and the baths. 

Educational programmes, designed specifically for students, are carried out in the estate. Visit Pakruojis manor and the pupils will be forced to look at the history from a completely different, more cheerful and more interesting side. The programmes introduce students to the historical life of the manor. Everyday life, holidays, and work of that time are simulated. Students have the opportunity not only to see everything, but also participate actively in the programmes, test everything themselves, so it's really fun and the time is spent usefully. More information and reservations for the programmes: Tel. +37061680937, email: kristina@pilys-dvarai.lt

A guided tour of the mansion. You not only see the estate area and the buildings, but find out how the rulers of Pakruojis estate lived, what work had to be done and what stories and legends were told in the old manor. During the tour you will inspect the estate palace, the centenarian park, the arch bridge over the river Kruoja, the miller's house, which now houses the hotel, water and wind mill, where you will find ancient flour manufacturing facilities still surviving. 

A tour of the Pakruojis Manor and the main building. For groups of 15 persons. Agree on the tour with the guide in advance. Živile: +37065788671, email zivile@pilys-dvarai.lt . Duration: 60 min. / 90 min. / 120 minutes. Price: 4 Eur per person / 6 Eur per person / 8 Eur per person. 

Information for visitors:
5 Parko St, LT-83166, Pakruojis village, Pakruojis district.
Phone: (8 ~ 421) 61 584, 8612 61 584
Email: p.turizmas@gmail.com , tourism@pakruojis.lt
The site on the Internet: http://pakruojo-dvaras.lt/
Working hours: Monday - Friday 9 am - 6 pm, Saturday - Sunday 10 am – 6 pm
Members of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and pre-school children get free entrance to the Manor.