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Location: N55° 55` 0.00", E21° 3` 50.00"

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

Palanga is a Lithuanian resort town, located on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Palanga tourism information center is located on the corner of Vytautas and Kretinga streets - a place where visitors of the city can get all the information they are interested in about Palanga and its attractions: museums, exhibitions and concert halls, accommodation and catering, entertainment centres, tourist firms. 

Botanical Park (Palanga). The park was established by Count Felix Tyszkiewicz care in 1895-1898 in the area of the Holy Birute forest. The symbolic date of the founding of the park is 1897. The park plan was designed by the famous French architect Eduard Francois Andre, who along with his son Rene Andre spent several summers in Palanga and supervised the park foundation work. They were assisted by Belgian Buysenn de Colon who arrived to plant the park. 

The Amber Museum was established in Count Felix Tyszkiewicz Palace, which was built in 1897 according to the project of the architect Franz Schwechten. The house is surrounded by a large and beautifully maintained landscaped garden. The museum's collection has accumulated about 29 thousand amber exhibits, about 4.5 thousand of which are featured in the exhibition, which is updated annually with the additional unique archaeological findings, amber inclusions and other valuable pieces. Address: 17 Vytautas St, Palanga Tel. (8-460) 53 501, (8-460) 30 314, (8-460) 51 319, email: gintaro.muziejus@ldm.lt  

The sculpture "For you, Birute". It was created by the sculptor Konstancija Petrikaitė-Tiulienė. It was built in 1965 at the symbolic place of eternal rest of the Duchess Birutė, on the stone at the foot of Birutė Hill. On the stone there are inscribed words "For you, Birute“. 

The Chapel of the Birutė Hill. The chapel was built in 1869 according to the project of the architect K. Majeris. Palanga parish priest K. Steponavičius took care of the construction of the chapel. Before that there stood a cross, a wooden St. George's chapel. In the ancient - pagan times on this hill there was our ancestors’ scientific observatory. Now Birute hill chapel is decorated with stained-glass windows which were fit up in 1976. The author is the artist Liudas Pocius. At the foot of the Mount there is a place with the Virgin Mary as it is in Lourdes. 

Sea Bridge. In 1884-1888 the earl J.Tiškevičius having the intention to establish a marina, built a bridge leading to the sea, which later became a favourite place for walking and one of the most important characters in the resort of Palanga. Instead of waves and wind-damaged bridge, a new, 470 m long bridge was built in 1997.  

HBH entertainment complex is located in Žibininkai village (Kretinga district). It provides catering and entertainment: an adventure park „The path of a lynx” (7 tracks, with 90 targets and 10 landings ropes) "Airbag" - 140 m2, and "Bed". There is a sculpture park as well.