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Location: N58° 22` 27.2", E24° 28` 30.9"

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Pärnu has always been an important harbour. To stop sand build-up in the river mouth, two jetties made from logs were built in 1769, as ordered by the empress of Russia, Catherine II. In 1863-64, new jetties were built of rocks that were transported there from the beaches of Häädemeeste and Kihnu.  

Jetty is a wave breaker. It is a structure that projects from the land out into water. Jetty is a kind of dam which protects the port or the estuary from waves, high tide or seaweed clogging up the waterway. Sometimes one side of the jetty is turned into a wharf. They look really similar to each other, but wharves are not built to protect the port and jetties are not built for docks. 

There are the longest jetties of Estonia in Pärnu: 2.5 and 2 km. The jetty on the left bank of the river has become a symbol of Pärnu. The jetty has gained a romantic aura as a place for lovers to take walks on. At times, the jetty can be left completely under water,  

The jetties were owned by Pärnu City until 2002 but they were given to an enterprise Pärnu Sadam, because they are not cheap to maintain.