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Pärnu moat

Location: N58° 23` 3.70", E24° 29` 34.8"

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

The moat which defended old Hanseatic city of Pärnu in Medieval Times attracts tourists today with the well-lit promenade that winds its way around the moat to the romantic footbridge that spans it, with a special children's playground, and the fountain that spurts up in the middle of it and which is the highest in Estonia. The amphitheatre-style concert venue is the perfect place for different concerts and festivals. Near Venus Bastion you can see a blacksmith at work and try this work yourself. There are also 3 models of the city which present its development from fortified settlement to the city it is today. It is possible to explore the passageways between fortresses made of compacted soil dating back to the Swedish times. You can also admire the restored Tallinn Gate, which was the starting point of an old postal route. Pärnu Moat is historic and architectural monument, which is a part of a fortress established in 17th century.  

The concert venue is situated at the site of Luna Bastion. Under the Swedish Crown the moat was strengthened with seven bastions, all named after heavenly bodies: Venus, Saturnus, Mars, Luna, Jupiter, Mercurius, and Sol. To surround the city with modern defensive rampart at that time was very expensive and needed a lot of workers. The money came from state treasury and taxes, but soon the defensive buildings lost its importance and most of them were just demolished.