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Location: N58° 59` 55.1", E23° 14` 30.4"

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Vormsi, Ormsö in Swedish or 'Worm Island' is the 4th biggest island in Estonia. It is situated between Hiiumaa island and mainland. The island has been inhabited by Swedes for centuries.

Baron's boulder, which lies near Hullo village in the forest is the memorial stone of the last baron of Vormsi, Otto Friedrik Fromhold von Stackelberg because he liked to walk to the stone.The perimeter of the boulder is 20.6 metres and height is 2.4 metres. It is a red granite. It is flat on top and has straight sides. Most of it seems to be in the ground. It has a lot of moss on it. There is a text carved on the stone: 'To Father from loving sons'. Who understands German:

Dein Bleibenden Andenken des
Baron Otto Friedrich Fromhold
von Stackelberg
geb.5/17 August 1823 gest. 15/27 August 1887
als des lezten Privatbesitzen der
Insel Worms aus herzinnger
Liebe gewidmet von seiner Wittwe
und seinem Sohne