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Pašilių aurochs

Location: N55° 33` 28.7", E24° 13` 4.79" | Website: tpl.lt/pasiliu-stumbrynas-panevezio-rajone/

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

By the 16th century aurochs were widespread throughout Europe, lived in sparse deciduous and mixed forests, steppes, mountains. Over time, the development of agriculture and indiscriminate hunting pushed them to live in secluded, tenebrous forests. Up to 1854 aurochs were decimated in Lithuania. 

Pašiliai aurochs farm is founded in Panevėžys district, Pašiliai forest, Girelės steading, 3 km to the north of the road Ramygala - Krekenava. Here are grown the largest European wild animals - Lithuanian aurochs, which are a protected species included in the International Red Book. Pašiliai aurochs farm was founded in 1969, when the first two aurochs were brought in Pašiliai forest enclosures from a Russian Reserve. Eight more aurochs came in 1970-1972. The first aurochs’ cub was born here in 1971. It was called Girinis. The aurochs cubs born in this farm are given names starting with the letters Gi under an international agreement. Since 1973 the aurochs have been released from the paddocks for some time. In that way a free bison herd began to be formed in Lithuania. Currently there are 21 living in paddocks, 72 aurochs roam in the wild around the farm in radius of about 30-40 km. 

More information: http://www.tpl.lt/pasiliu-stumbrynas-panevezio-rajone/