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After battle by Cēsis the defeated Iron division and Baltic landeswehr units descended to protection. Latvian-Estonian counterattack started soon after that. The negotiations which started on the 2nd of July at 9PM were difficult and they were interrupted for several times both from Estonian and German parties, and they were completed only at 3:30AM the next morning. The agreement which received a name of Strazdumuiža truce defined following points: 

1) The fight is stopped on 3rd of July at 12PM
2) German army must be evacuated as soon as possible, it stops any kind of fight except against the Soviet Russian army
3) Germans must be moved out of Riga until the 5th of July at 6PM
4) Estonian army stays in the position of the 3rd of July
5) The traffic between Riga and Liepaja cannot be hindered

Strazdumuiža truce was signed in June 3, 1919 in Riga Estonian primary school near Jugla lake – an agreement between united Latvian-Estonian army from one side and Landeswehr with an army under German command on the other side was signed about the termination of military operations. 

Riga was taken over by Balodis brigade, but on the 6th of July commander Zemitāns with Northern Latvia brigade headquarters and the 2nd Cēsis squadron arrived in Riga, greeted by commander Balodis, Nation Council presidium and the citizens of Riga. It was not allowed for Estonian units to enter Riga. Although the Nation Council delegation expressed their gratitude to Estonian nation and arm on 5th of July, some bitterness was kept anyway which caused disagreement after some months. The situation seemed stable, but German units were moving out from Latvia slowly, giving van der Golc time to make a new plan which escalated after half a year in October, 1919 and in history this event is known as Bermondt affair. 

On 24th of October, 2005 the day of Estonia Independence Riga local government and Estonian embassy is Latvia were organising memorial activities for Strazdumuiža agreement of truce durin which a memorial sign was revealed – a stone in Jugla, next to a building in Brivibas gatve 411. Black granite plate deposited in a brown granite stone in Estonian and Latvian saying: “Here in Riga Estonian primary school on 3. VII.1919 an agreement of Strazdumuiža truce was signed between Estonian army, German army VI reserve corpus and Baltic Landeswehr.”