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Monument in memory of the fight by Inčukalns

Location: N57° 5` 51.13", E24° 41` 8.34"

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On 31st of December, 1918, a freshly formed Baltic landeswehr – first Latvian National Guard unit – started a fight near Inčukalns with a goal to delay Bolsheviks movement towards Riga, and which in history went as the first fight during Latvia war for independence. Baltic Landeswehr was not a unique unit in its structure – it was made of volunteers who were gathering around new, initiative war officers of WW I, which was a part of the freikorps movement formed in Germany. Many of these freikorps were later fighting also in Latvia, and war of Independence would not be won without them, so the monument for Baltic Landeswehr makes you to remember also those German volunteers who arrived to Latvia to fight in their war with a goal to protect Germany from Bolshevism. 

In fight by Hincenberg Baltic Landeswehr 4th army was able to delay an attack from Latvian red riflemen for a day, allowing Latvian Temporary government to evacuate from Riga. First fights started in 25th December, when the first Latvian riflemen came into collision with front groups of German army. The culmination of the fight was reached in 1st of January, when the enemy broke into Latvian National Guard lines during its last strike, and a bloody melee fight started around howitzer battery lit by the snowy moonlight. On 1st of January Baltic Landeswehr units were not able to keep the large prepotency and retrieved together with the fight. Bolsheviks lost 70 men and 150 soldiers were injured. The Bolsheviks regarded this fight as so important that on the 2nd January, 1919, after an order from Latvia temporary Soviet government 1st Latvian riflemen Soviet troop and 4th artillery battery received red war flags of honour. For these fights Baltic Landeswehr lost around 35 men and only hundred injured, and on the 3rd of July, 2016 a monument was revealed. A chest badge of Baltic Landeswehr is reproduced on the monument and a memorial inscription in Latvian, German and Russian: On 31st of December, 1918 here happened the first fight of the war for Latvia Independence. Four National Guard troops confronted the Red army. 43 Baltic Germans, Latvian and Russian soldiers lost their lives for their country.

Eternal commemoration for the heroes and peace for the fallen.