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Powder Tower in Kandava

Location: N57° 2` 8.095", E22° 46` 45.0"

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Construction of Livonian order palace in Kandava was started in 1254. The name of the castle mound was derived from the place where the knight palace was standing – Bruņinieku castle mound (Knight’s castle mound). The palace used to be an indurate palace or residency of Livonian order vogt (judge), which had been built from 1252 to 1259. Crusader war road was going from Riga through Kurzeme at that time.

Powder mill were built in 1654 next to Kandava palace during ruling time of Duke Jacob Kettler, where gunpowder was produced from local sulphur spring sulphur and saltpetre (1645-1676). During the second Northern war in 16th June, 1659, Swedes invaded Kandava palace and destroyed it, it lost its military meaning after the damage from the Great Northern War, and in 1750 Kandava lord of the manor moved to live in the village. Later the palace was admitted to be uninhabitable, and after time it turned into ruins. Only the tower preserved its look. It is know that the tower walls were still original until 1747. Powder mills were active from around 1645 to at least 1711. There used to be a prison in the tower for some time. 

The narrow location of the tower denies the idea that it might be an observation tower or frontal fortification of the frontal palace. Several historians are presuming that there used to be a well house, because the ground-water can be easily accessed on a slope. Kandava court prison was constructed in tower walls on around 1790. About 12m long bridge on one support connected the tower with vogtey. The powder tower is an architectural monument of national importance. The tower is well preserved and is located 28m from the Eastern wall of vogtey. It is almost square building with 2 floors and almost 2m thick walls. People call it Powder Tower, and it was built in the middle of the 17th century as a gunpowder production place belonging to Duke Jacob.